Pebbles® UI

Pebbles® UI brings new vector-graphics based Controls & Indicators for applications developed using LabVIEW and .NET platforms. Pebbles® also enables a graphical user interface for headless embedded systems (including LabVIEW/RT based embedded controllers) and IoT devices. Pebbles® UI also provides a very easy to use Drag/Drop/Configure interface for LabVIEW Graphical User Interface development including custom animations. BatchTest also offers services to upgrade your existing LabVIEW Graphical User Interface to get next generation of looks and feel, Contact Us today. Our graphics are especially helpful when a fluid Graphical User Interface is needed, for example in Medical Devices applications which target mostly non-technical audiences.


Adobe Technology & Vector Graphics meet LabVIEW


Animated Controls, Indicators, and Decorations

A few examples of various Pebbles® UI Controls & Indicators…

A fully functional & customizable Guage Indicator

One of the boolean buttons available in Pebbles-UI; Users can define animations, shade, etc on these components through LabVIEW property nodes

A scalable Slider control with transparency & shades

Crisp Scaling of Vector Graphics, Easily Drag/Drop/Resize

Pebbles® UI components are designed using Vector Graphics which are fully scalable. No matter how big or small you resize these controls or indicators, they retain their crisp looks!

Pebbles® UI controls & indicators are added to the Front Panel just like regular LabVIEW controls & indicators. However, Pebbles® UI provides several added features to the user through property nodes

Several Graphical Suites (“Skins”)

Pebbles® UI provides several Graphical Suites to choose from, ensuring that your application has uniform and advanced graphical feel. Each Pebbles® UI skin contains most regular LabVIEW functionality controls & indicators along with various special functionality components new to LabVIEW platform.

Large Selection & Easily Customized

Besides several skins to choose from, each control & indicator type also provides further customization…

Unique Functionality

A major component of Pebbles® UI are Controls & Indicators with unique functionality currently unavailable in LabVIEW. An example is Rotation Indicator as shown below. Give it a rotational speed and our unique graphics engine provides a nice, smooth rotational motion! This indicator also provides an option to set angle of rotation for the component (a needle in this case). Pebbles® UI is also incorporated in our headless embedded systems and programmable IoT boards, providing a hunan-machine-interface through mobile phone or a web-browser.

Use Your Own Graphics

Full version of Pebbles® UI also comes with additional features to allow users to use their own vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator .ai and .svg) or png/jpg/gif graphics to create custom graphical user interface. We also have access to several highly skilled freelance Adobe Artists who can design vibrant custom graphics that you would like to see and we can turn their art into LabVIEW controls & indicators for you.

Give it a try…

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