Automated Test Equipment

Whether you need an upgrade to your Data-acquisition System or looking for a turnkey high-speed assembly line (End-of-line) automated tester, BatchTest is your one-stop shop for your Automation & Automated Testing needs. We provide custom turn-key Automation and Automated Testing solutions to a wide range of industries including Semiconductor, Automotive, Defense/Aerospace, and Contract manufacturers. We also offer Product Design & Development Services.

Automation Servers

Use our SKYNET Automation Server to:

  • Control, track, and maintain of multiple compatible equipment from one centralized location
  • Remotely deploy software updates and equipment setup
  • Get a centralized real-time access to your processes
  • Synchronize and maintain equipment setup files, firmware, and software across all your compatible equipment (a functionality similar to that of Dropbox, but made for automation equipment)
  • Gather data from various sources, streamlined into standard format for real-time reporting and predictive analysis

Automated Functionality Testers

Features of our Synchronizing Automated TesterTM:

  • Easily user-programmable and customizable
  • Automatically synchronizes equipment setup, firmware, and software with other compatible equipment
  • Customized per your requirements
  • Intuitive Desktop and/or Web-based user interface
  • Able to automatically generate test sequences
  • Option of Touch-screen and Hands-free user interface
  • Numerous readily available modules – CAN/DeviceNet, Serial RS232/422/485, EtherCAT, Digital & Analog I/O, and many more automatically downloadable from our Library Server

Rapid Prototypes

Save time and costs while dramatically increasing pace of your device development using our rapid prototypes. BatchTest specializes in offering rapid electrical/electronic prototypes tailored to client’s custom needs. We provide rapid prototyping using several of National Instrument off-the-shelf configurable hardware along with configurable software on client’s choice of development platform.

Data Acquisition Systems

If your need is for simple data acquisition, BatchTest can implement a cost-effective custom data acquisition that suits your needs. We design configurable and upgradable DAQ systems for long-term usage, our object-oriented design also ensures that components in our designs are re-usable in your future projects.

  • Temperature, Voltage, Current, etc monitoring and data recording
  • Vision modules for inspection
  • High-speed DAQ, for eg, for optical industry

Hardware-In-the-Loop Systems

We design custom Hardware-In-the-Loop systems per client requirements using two hardware platforms: National Instruments PXI, and dSPACE. We ensure that your models (usually MATLAB/Simulink or NI LabVIEW) run real-time on these platform with required input/putputs that can be interfaced with rest of your system. We have the capability to also support large models with components deployed over various nodes within an inter-connected system.