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BatchTest Automation Rack under construction

A fully automated, network controlled, 408V/300Amps 3-phase Power Distribution Unit designed by BatchTest

Reduce your time & cost while increasing quality, productivity, reliability, and performance. Automation makes a significant difference in efficient use of your resources. BatchTest provides turn-key automation solutions for various environments and industries. Contact us for any need of automation, our highly experienced Automation engineers have provided innovative and low cost solutions for clients from a wide range of industries. We place a higher priority on using readily available off-the-shelf components and equipment when developing custom solutions, such approach minimizes development time and errors.

Automated Testing

We offer automated testing solutions for Research & Development, as well as Manufacturing environments. Our Synchronizing Automated Testers also automate transfer of test algorithms developed by your R&D engineering to Manufacturing floors while providing full administration control.

System Integration

Use a turn-key solution that seamlessly brings together all your components into a fully automated and configurable system:

  • Modular Hardware
  • Centralized Communications
  • Configurable BatchTest Software Suite

Process Automation

BatchTest offers several types of process automation to increase efficiency and productivity:

  • R&D Process Automation
  • Manufacturing Workflow Automation
  • Data Processing & Analysis
  • Automated Documentation

Data Acquisition

Readily available data acquisition equipment and software offering basic functionality may not be adequate for your specific needs. BatchTest can provide a quick low-cost solution using hardware from well known manufacturers.

Modeling & Simulation

We design & develop custom Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation and Emulation solutions. Contact us if you have a need to run your high-fidelity models (MATLAB/Simulink, .NET, or LabVIEW) on a real-time hardware platform.