BatchTest License Manager

BatchTest License Manager is a product licensing, security. and features management service for your products and technology, including embedded systems & IoT devices, Automation solutions, and custom software applications. BatchTest™ License Manager secures your product design against hacking and reverse engineering in order to protect your intellectual property. BatchTest License Manager also enables remote management, automated updates, and licensing of your products and services.

Since BatchTest License Manager is a custom solution configured for each consumer’s specific need, please contact BatchTest for a quotation on securing your products and services.

Please note: If you own any model of our Automation Servers, a license of BatchTest License Manager configured specifically for Automation and Synchronizing of Automated Testers is included with it, please contact BatchTest Support (information is also included on the server admin page) for help setting up your license. Your unit may need a software upgrade to be compatible with the latest changes.


Configurable Licensing

Enable configurable licensing in your software, hardware, or online services using BatchTest License Manager:

  • Perpetual License
  • Floating & Site License
  • Subscription License
  • Metered & Use-time License
  • Trial License
  • Academic License


BatchTest License Manager can help protect your intellectual property using hardware lock and encryption on your software, firmware, and online services:

  • Secure Authentication
  • 256-bit Encryption
  • Hardware (firmware) lock
  • Automated product or service lockdown to prevent design theft

Options Management

Incorporate flexibility of managing features in your products and services through remote management or license type:

  • Remotely manage features of your products and services
  • Individually license components of your products and services
  • Create features templates

Data Transfers

  • Remotely and dynamically configure run-time parameters of your products and services
  • Transmit/receive data to/from your products and services
  • Store data securely on your own (or our) cloud database
  • Manage data and generate reports in real-time


  • Remotely install, remove, and update features
  • Enable automatic updates
  • Manage versions of updates
  • Revert back to previous version(s)
  • Privately test your updates deployment before making it available to others
  • Restrict updates from local network or allow from an internet domain

Supported Platforms

BatchTest License Manager works on a wide variety of software applications, hardware, and Online services to secure your products and services against hacking and to manage licensing, security, features, and updates. Any platforms lacking a direct support for BatchTest License Manager can still use it using our JSON based API which offers the same full benefit of BatchTest License Manager, the only difference is that BatchTest License Manager is easier and faster to integrate on directly supported platforms.

Try it before you buy it…

Please contact BatchTest at 408-454-TEST or use the Contact Form for a pre-designed demo, or for a trial demo configured to your specific needs. We only require some general information on your intended use to better demonstrate our technology. Please note that although it is possible to use BatchTest License Manager in certain home-automation environment (specifically if one of our Autobots is used in such setup), its functionality and features currently target business applications and environments.

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